• Sundek Concrete Products for Homes and Businesses

  • Sundek is one of the best known brands in the custom concrete industry. For homeowners and companies seeking the best decorative concrete solutions, there is no better option. Sundek provides a range of concrete coatings to serve any possible need. These products include:

    SunStamp - SunStamp is a concrete overlay system that combines elegance and functionality. It is an ideal solution for businesses and homes, and can be used with stamps, templates, staining and carving.

    Tuscan - For those seeking an Old World finish, Tuscan offers just that. This product offers a hand-applied surface ideal for deeper textures. It can be combined with coloring and design effects, as well.

    Classic Texture - Sundek's signature spray-on overlay, Classic Texture is slip resistant and beautiful. It can also be used with texturing effects and staining, and is ideal for indoor and outdoor use at homes and businesses.

    SunStone - Stone is elegant and beautiful; SunStone from Sundek gives you the ability to create the look of natural stone in your home or business. It can also be applied to almost any properly prepared surface.

    SunCanvas - SunCanvas is technically a micro topping, which means that this is the ideal solution for home and business indoor floors and walls. It is elegant, and can be used in almost any situation, from museums to restaurants to your average living room.

    SunSplash - SunSplash is an economical option for areas that need protection from harsh elements. It can be used with custom effects like scoring, and can be colored. It is also slip resistant.

    SunSand - The SunSand custom concrete solution from Sundek offers a fine texture to any surface, from parking areas to walkways and more. It can also be applied over aggregate and masonry effects and is environmentally friendly.

    SunColor - Adding color to a custom concrete design is easy with SunColor. Almost any color desired can be achieved, offering more beauty and durability.

    SunGlaze - SunGlaze concrete products can be used with any other Sundek product, and offer a sleek finish and more protection for the concrete and more. Using a powdered color and a clear coat, SunGlaze offers considerable beauty, as well as ease of maintenance.