• Garage Floor Coating & Epoxy Covering

  • The garage has always been one of the most neglected areas of the home when it comes to style and beauty. It has always been a utilitarian part of the home - the place where you stored extra stuff, where you kept your cars and where you stored your lawn care equipment. However, things are changing here. Today's garages are often elegant spaces that draw from the design and architecture of the home. You can do this for your own garage floors with a garage floor coating.

    Garage Coating Options

    Garage epoxy coatings are the most common on the market at the moment. However, there are alternatives for those who want a better option - acrylic garage floor coatings can provide better results. Acrylic garage coatings can be stamped, stained and offer other benefits to homeowners, as well. What should you know?

    When it comes to refinishing floors in your garage, your imagination is the only limit when you use the right coating. As mentioned, these can be stamped and stained - that means that you are not limited to the look of plain concrete, or the limited styles available through epoxy. You can stamp your floors so they look like the hardwood flooring in the rest of your home. You can stamp and stain them in interlocking tile patters of varying sizes and colors. You can combine brick and tile or stone to create an elegant look.

    Garage Flooring Is Easier to Maintain

    In addition to the obvious style benefits here, you will find that concrete coatings offer far easier maintenance than plain concrete. Because the surface is impermeable, grass stains, tire marks, oil and gas can all be cleaned up easily without worrying that they will stain the surface. General cleaning is as simple as using a broom to clean up, and the heaviest cleaning you will need to do involves your water hose.

    Making the Right Choice

    Making the best decision will require that you work with the right Houston garage floor coating contractor. Choose a contractor known for their experience and dedication to customer service, as well as the range of options they provide.