• Concrete Patio Resurfacing, Repair, Stamping

  • Tired of your boring old concrete slab? Want to create a much more enjoyable, stylish feel for your patio? Or do you simply need to repair some cracks and aging? We can repair or resurface your concrete patio to whatever designs you can imagine. From simple crack repair to full finished overlays and acid staining, our experts can handle the task.

    Stamped Concrete Patio Overlays

    A stamped concrete patio overlay can be the perfect option when resurfacing an existing concrete patio in Houston. Concrete overlays can create virtually any type of look from that of interlocking stones, brick, tile, or even a marble or wood look. Concrete overlays can then be stained to complete the look transforming a dreary concrete patio into something much more.

    Acid Staining Concrete Patio

    Yet another option when resurfacing and repairing your concrete patio is that of acid staining. An Acid stained concrete patio can look far different than your standard patio. With numerous color choices, etching, sealing, etc. you can create a myriad of different looks while adding to the longevity of your patio.

    Finding the Right Houston Concrete Patio Resurfacing Contractor

    The most important thing when resurfacing or repairing your patio is to work with the best contractor in Houston, TX and the surrounding areas. This will give you the best options for style and color, as well as increasing your overall satisfaction. Let our concrete patio experts assist you in repairing or resurfacing your concrete patio by calling us today.